FAQs About Eyelid Surgery

How eyelid surgery from your vision experts in El Paso, TX, can improve your appearance and your vision

Droopy eyelids are a common problem. They can affect how well you see and how you feel about your appearance. Drs. Dennis Reiter, Devin Williams, and Samuel Favela at Vision Associates of El Paso, in El Paso, TX, provide a wide range of vision and vision surgery procedures, including eyelid surgery.

If you are considering eyelid surgery, you need to know the facts. These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers about eyelid surgery:

What are some of the reasons to have eyelid surgery?

There are both medical and cosmetic reasons to consider eyelid surgery. Drooping eyelids can reduce your field of vision, so you can’t see as much of the world around you. Droopy eyelids can also make you look tired and older than you are.

What happens during eyelid surgery? 

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, involves removing excess fat and skin, raising your eyelids. During eyelid surgery, the levator muscle that raises the eyelid may be surgically shortened, which lifts the eyelid.

What are the benefits of eyelid surgery?

After eyelid surgery, you will experience:

  • Your eyes appearing larger
  • Your eyes appearing more open
  • An enhanced field of vision
  • Better peripheral vision

Is eyelid surgery covered by medical insurance?

If the eyelid surgery is medically necessary because of diminished field of vision, a condition known as ptosis, then insurance may pay for the surgery. If eyelid surgery is done purely for cosmetic reasons, the surgery probably won’t be covered by insurance.

Eyelid surgery may be the answer to a larger field of vision and an enhanced, younger-looking appearance. To discover more about how eyelid surgery can help improve your appearance and your vision, talk with the experts. Call Drs. Dennis Reiter, Devin Williams, and Samuel Favela at Vision Associates of El Paso, in El Paso, TX. You can reach them in the office by calling (915) 532-3937, so call today.

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