Mole and Lesion Removal

Moles, lesions, cysts, and skin tags are common and can be removed if a patient considers them to be unsightly. Though this is generally a cosmetic procedure, any growth which is new, sudden onset, itching, or with discharge may be a sign of something more serious. A thorough evaluation with Dr. Reiter will determine if any lesions are cosmetic removal or require a biopsy for pathology.

To remove a lesion, two common methods are used, a shave excision and full excision.

Through a shave excision, the lesion is removed typically in office, with local anesthesia. Dr. Reiter will use a scalpel or cauterization device to remove the superficial lesion, and apply ointment to assist with healing. There is typically no sutures, however, sutures may be required to close the wound. In many cases scars are not noticeable, however results will vary per patient.

Through a full excision, Dr. Reiter will remove the lesion, mole, or skin tag, up including the full depth of the site. In most cases, a full excision requires pathology to determine if the lesion is cancerous in nature. We advise patients to be prepared with insurance information, as it may be necessary in the event of a medical diagnosis.

With any procedure, it is important to have your consultation with Dr. Reiter prior to any cosmetic lesion removals, to allow Dr. Reiter to make the most appropriate recommendation regarding your care.

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