Tearing and Lacrimal Surgery

Excessive tearing is a condition that can result from a number of underlying conditions.  Allergies, hormonal imbalance, emotions, and stress can all lead to tearing.  Dry Eye Disease can also lead to the over production of tears as your body responds to try and compensate for a tear film deficiency.  It is important to have a comprehensive evaluation with our physician to determine the nature of tearing. 

In certain cases, excessive tearing can stem from a blockage of the lacrimal duct system, requiring surgical intervention to remove the blockage.  Blockage is determined by performing a Probing and Irrigation of the lacrimal system, which allows Dr. Reiter to determine the location of the blockage and the severity.

In severe cases, surgical intervention may be necessary to remove the blockage, or create a new passageway for tear drainage.  This procedure is known as a Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR).  Through a DCR, Dr. Reiter can utilize an endoscopic approach or traditional approach, whichever is most beneficial for the patient with the intent of long term results.  

If you are suffering from excessive tearing, inflamed eyelids, pain in or around the eye, you could be suffering from blockage or infection of the nasolcarimal duct.  If so, contact our office to set up a consultation with Dr. Reiter. 

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