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Common Symptoms of Cataracts.

  • Blurred Vision even with glasses;
  • Inability to improve vision with glasses;
  • Difficulty differentiating colors or colors seem faded;
  • Halo or starbust effect around lights;
  • Difficulty driving at night;
  • Difficulty recognizing faces in crowds;
  • Being extra sensitive to light.

Visione 360 and Vision Associates of El Paso - Cataract Surgeons in El Paso, TX.

Dr. Reiter has performed thousands of cataract operations for El Paso residents since 1992. Dr. Shanna Brown has been performing cataract surgery for over 5 years.  Our goal as your cataract doctors is to provide you with the best options possible for your lifestyle. Our approach to Cataract Surgery comprises of an individualized approach for each of our El Paso patients. Be sure to call our El Paso, TX office at 915-532-3937 to schedule your cataract evaluation today!

What is a cataract?

A cataract in most cases is an age related clouding or opacification of the natural lens in the eye. In some cases, cataracts can be congenital, induced by facial trauma, or induced from complications related to other diseases such as diabetes. Symptoms of cataracts may be:

  • Blurred vision not improved by glasses
  • Dulled vision
  • Light sensitivity or increased glare from lights

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, and the symptoms of cataracts are limiting your ability to carry out daily functions, you may benefit from cataract surgery. Surgery is the only option to remove a cataract.

During cataract removal, Dr. Reiter (cataract doctor) or Dr. Brown will then implant a new lens into your eye to give you the ability to improve your vision. At Visione 360, and Vision Associates of El Paso Dr. Dennis Reiter, Dr. Shanna Brown and staff use the latest technology to offer patients options for advanced cataract surgery. 

What does this mean?

Traditional cataract surgery is aimed at improving distance vision, without consideration of other refractive errors such as astigmatism, requiring the use of glasses 100% of the time for best potential vision. At Visione 360 and Vision Associates of El Paso, Dr. Dennis Reiter, Dr. Shanna Brown, and staff use advanced technology to determine if patients will qualify for 1 of 2 options.

1. Distance and Astigmatism Correction – Limiting the Use of Glasses

For the right candidate, Dr. Reiter can offer patients the chance of living life without the use of glasses for most activities. With many considerations, some patients will benefit from a special lens, or the use of Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery to correct corneal astigmatism, resulting in the opportunity to NOT NEED glasses for most activities except reading, fine detailed work, and or computer use. You can visit for information regarding Astigmatism Correction Cataract Surgery.

2. Multifocal Cataract Surgery

For the right candidate, Dr. Reiter can offer patients the ability to have distance and near vision corrected, along with corneal astigmatism. The use of an advanced technology lens and Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI’s) with Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery can afford patients the ability to carry out most daily activities including reading without the use of glasses. GET YOUR FREE EDUCATIONAL PACKET HERE.

Other Considerations

While the attempt to correct vision problems is the goal, other considerations must be made when deciding which option is best. A comprehensive Ophthalmic/Cataract evaluation by Dr. Reiter or Dr. Brown must be performed prior to any surgical recommendations.

In most instances, insurance companies will provide coverage for basic cataract surgery. It is important that you as a patient understand your insurance coverage, as most premium packages will not be covered.t is important after cataract surgery, to continue care with your doctor and follow all physician recommendations. Call to schedule your Cataract Evaluation with Dr. Dennis Reiter or Dr. Shanna Brown at any of our 3 Ophthalmology Clinics in El Paso, Texas today!

Cataract surgery is very common and performed by most comprehensive ophthalmologists’. The risks of cataract surgery include but not limited to decreased vision, loss of vision, retinal detachment, elevated eye pressure, and droopy eyelids. There is no guarantee that any form of cataract surgery will improve your vision, and it is important to know that complications of surgery may arise days, months, weeks, or even years later. It is important after cataract surgery, to continue care with your doctor and follow all physician recommendations. Call to schedule your Cataract Evaluation with Dr. Dennis Reiter at Visione 360 in El Paso, Texas today!  Call to schedule your Cataract evaluation with Dr. Shanna Brown at Vision Associates of El Paso.

Patient Testimonials

"I am surprised at how well the bifocals work! Just Great! Overall, the general vision is very good." - Betty, Multifocal Cataract Surgery Patient at Visione 360 (July, 2016) -

“I can read the newspaper, even the fine print without the use of glasses” - Martha, RESTOR Patient -

“It’s been a wonderful experience, it took time to get used to not wearing glasses, but I am completely glasses independent now” - Rosario, RESTOR patient -

"For a long time, I suffer with my vision and due to ignorance, I was not aware that it could be fixable. Finally had to go see Dr. Reiter who performed premium cataract surgery and now I enjoy my new vision that I thought was never possible at age 75. Driving is no longer a chore." - Fermin (Toric, Astigmatism Correction Cataract Surgery) -

Video provided by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

For more information about El Paso Cataract Surgery from Visione 360 and Vision Associates of El Paso and how it might benefit you, call (915) 532-3937 today!

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