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Why Choose Eyelid Surgery?

As is the case with most facial features, the area around the eyes is susceptible to sun damage, unwanted fat deposits, and the effects of aging. Eyelid surgery, medically known as a blepharoplasty, is a procedure that can be performed by Dr. Dennis Reiter at Visione 360 Eye and Cosmetic Institute in El Paso, TX. It can help improve your vision, remove excess tissue, and also make you look younger. Learn more about the reasons for this procedure when you go in for an initial visit with a facial plastic surgeon.

Types of Eyelid Surgery
You have both a top and bottom eyelid with fatty tissue that can build up over time. Both lids effect your facial appearance and how well you can see. These are the common eyelid “lift” surgery procedures:

- Upper eyelid surgery (makes you look more alert, reduces wrinkling, and helps open your eyes more).
- Lower eyelid surgery (reduces sagging and the appearance of dark bags around the eyes).
- Dual eyelid lift (both the upper and lower eyelids are surgically improved by your El Paso, TX, doctor).

Reasons to Choose Eyelid Surgery
If you have a problem with excess skin around your eyes that is limiting or obstructing your field of vision, eyelid surgery can help. Excess fat tissue around the eyes could be the real reason why you can’t see as well as you did when you were younger. Eyelid surgery is also beneficial if you are looking for a way to shave a few years off your facial appearance. Bags, flaps, and puffiness around the eyes are signs of aging and tiredness.

The Surgical Appointment
Unlike more invasive surgeries that require deep anesthesia, eyelid surgery is an in-office, outpatient procedure that doesn’t take very long to complete. Your eye doctor injects local anesthesia so that you won’t experience discomfort. The creases and folds are marked as guides. Incisions are made, fatty tissue is removed, and then the cuts are re-sealed with sutures. The procedure could take several hours depending on your unique needs.

Schedule Your Eyelid Surgery
After a short consultation with a doctor at Visione 360 Eye and Cosmetic Institute in El Paso, TX, you’ll be able to schedule a convenient date to have your eyelid surgery. Call the office today at (915) 532-3937.

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