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Is Botox Right for Me?

Are you feeling older because--well, you look older? Those furrows on your forehead and vertical lines around your lips create an aged facial appearance. What can you do? Why not investigate BOTOX Cosmetic from Dr. Dennis Reiter in El Paso, TX. Heading up the Visione 360 Eye & Cosmetic Institute. His experience has proven that BOTOX works to relieve the lines and creases that inevitably come with time. Could BOTOX be right for you?

Just what is BOTOX Cosmetic?

An FDA-approved injectible medication, BOTOX Cosmetic limits how much and how strenuously selected facial muscles contract. While this purified form of Botulinum clostridium works directly below the skin, it does not stop the normal facial expressions that allow us to express our emotions (such as smiling broadly or frowning in concentration).

However, BOTOX does keep dynamic wrinkling (lines which result from muscle movement) from looking so pronounced. The result is a roll back of the clock. BOTOX patients look like themselves, only less tired and stressed. In effect, their faces appear refreshed.

Who gets BOTOX?

Most patients are in their middle years, and yes, men receive BOTOX Cosmetic, too. Ideal candidates are in good overall health and also have a realistic view of what cosmetic procedures accomplish.

Additionally, people who choose BOTOX, dermal fillers, facial peels and other services offered at Visione 360 Eye & Cosmetic Surgery wish to avoid more complex procedures, such as face lifts. They want excellent results, simple treatments and little to no downtime, and BOTOX delivers all three.

How does the treatment work?

Dr. Reiter prepares the selected areas of the face by applying numbing cream or cold packs to make the injections comfortable. The micro-needle used is very fine and leaves only tiny pinprick marks behind.

Dr. Reiter injects the BOTOX preparation between the eyes, along the forehead, around the mouth (marionette lines), above the lips and in other areas as needed. Afterwards, patients usually experience limited side effects such as mild redness, bruising and swelling. According to the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, BOTOX Cosmetic takes limited effect within just a few hours with full effect happening within a week. Treatments last four to six months and may be repeated as needed.

Look into BOTOX

It may be just what you need for that boost in self-confidence. Contact Visione 360 Eye & Cosmetic Institute in El Paso, TX for a consultation with Dr. Reiter. Bring your questions, and he'll be happy to give you all the details. Call (915) 532-3937.

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