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Common Facial Procedures

The best looking facial features are the ones you feel comfortable and confident with. If over time, you have wrinkling, loss of skin volume or other aesthetic flaws that make you appear older, consult with your El Paso, TX, facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Dennis Reiter at Visione 360 Eye & Cosmetic Institute. Learn how to correct your skin flaws with injectables which enhance and smooth your appearance.

The effects of aging on the skin

Aging really shows on the face because that's what people look at first, and that's what's exposed to the elements.

As a result, facial skin sags or loses the elastic collagen it had in youth. Also, the sun dries, wrinkles and puts all kinds of spots and freckles on our faces. What's to be done?

Dr. Reiter uses a variety of innovative treatments to revitalize facial appearance. Many treatments fall into the broad category of liquid facelifts. These FDA-approved injectable medications augment or completely avoid surgeries. Their purposes are to:

  • Fill out thinning lips
  • Fill in static and dynamic wrinkling
  • Improve the contours of the face, including hollows and symmetry
  • Smooth scars, particularly from acne

When you consult with your El Paso, TX, facial plastic surgeon, he will examine your skin and facial structure and recommend the treatments and products compatible with your particular needs. Following are examples of common facial procedures which use rejuvenating injectables.

BOTOX This highly purified form of the botulinum toxin limits the movement of certain facial muscles, thus reducing the appearance of lines and creases between the brows, around the nose and eyes, and beside the mouth. The effects last several months, giving patients time to retrain the muscles responsible for grimacing, frowning and other expressions which cause what plastic surgeons call dynamic wrinkling.

Restylane is a dermal filler injected into the folds around the nose and under the eyes and also into the lips or along either side of the mouth. Composed of hyaluronic acid, Restylane boosts collagen, a naturally-occurring component of human skin. Collagen increases skin elasticity, smoothness, strength, and flexibility. Collagen also helps skin retain moisture and combat dryness. Radiesse is another injectable similar in action to Restylane, but it has a different collagen-boosting ingredient.

PRP-PRFM injections are a remarkable liquid facelift treatment. PRP means Platelet Rich Plasma. The facial plastic surgeon in El Paso, TX, uses the patient's own blood platelets to create a Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix which, when placed back into the patient, stimulates collagen production. 

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