Injections from Platelet Rich Plasma are a great way to stimulate collagen in areas of collagen loss.  At Visione 360, we offer a unique system of obtaining Autologous Platelet and Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) made available by Selphyl.  The Selphyl system is FDA approved and contains a proprietary system to obtain a platelet rich fibrin matrix. 

If you suffer from fine lines, mild skin laxity, crepey skin around your eyes, Selphyl PRFM injections for facial rejuvenation may be right for you.

The process of obtaining PRFM begins with a simple blood draw.  Once we draw your blood, it is spun down to separate Platelets from Blood.  The next process is unique to Selphyl, and why we have chosen Selphyl as our choice for PRP Rejuvenation.  The separated PRP is then introduced to the Selphyl calcium chloride solution, which creates the Selphyl Fibrin Matrix.

Fibrin matrix creates a scaffold to localize platelets to the site of injection and allows for sustained growth factor release, migration of stem cells and reservoir for regenerative signaling.

This scaffolding (fibrin matrix) localizes the growth factors increasing their concentration at the desired location and guiding tissue regeneration. Studies have shown that platelet growth factors are released for up to seven days, supporting collagen production and increased vascularization, which results in overall skin improvements.

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The process of PRP-PRFM injections is intended to promote collagen growth and binding, to enhance skin texture.  Skin rejuvenation can be done by various methods, it is important to undergo a full medical evaluation with Dr. Reiter prior to any skin rejuvenation procedures. 

The use of PRP or PRFM for collagen stimulation is not yet FDA cleared.

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