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Lip AugmentationHave you ever wondered what your lips say about your personality?  Have you thought about fuller, plump, sexier lips?  Do you fight signs of aging around your lips?  If so, Lip augmentation at our El Paso, Texas office may be the right procedure for you.

As an Oculoplastic Surgeon, Dr. Dennis Reiter specializes in lip augmentation through non-invasive techniques including lip fillers (dermal fillers) and Ultherapy lip treatments.  Lip enhancements can provide definition to the vermilion border, the cupids bow, and can plump, firm, and enhance the overall lip shape. 

With hyaluronic acid fillers, or dermal fillers, Dr. Reiter can plump, define, and refine both the upper and bottom lip.  The products used provide temporary results, which can last up to 18 months (based on FDA clinical studies).  The process is relatively quick, with little downtime, however, some patients may experience slight bruising or swelling.

A great option for fine lines and wrinkles in the upper lip area is Ultherapy 1.5mm treatment.  With the Ultherapy 1.5mm treatment, we can target the shallow layer of skin above and below the lip to smoothen texture, and tone the skin.  Ultherapy is the only non-invasive FDA procedure approved and indicated to lift loose and saggy skin. 

When dermal fillers and Ultherapy are combined, the result can be gorgeous, luscious lips, showing off a beautiful smile!


How is Lip Augmentation done?

With dermal fillers, Dr. Dennis Reiter and staff will apply topical numbing cream to the area of injection for comfort.  The products used also contain Lidocaine, which will help keep the area numb throughout the procedure.  The procedure only takes a few minutes, and the downtime is minimal. 

When Ultherapy is done, Ultherapy will typically be done 3-5 days prior to injections, but it may be necessary to wait up to 3 months following Ultherapy treatment of the lips.   


What are common side effects of Lip Augmentation?

Common side effects can include but are not limited to

  • Asymmetrical lips
  • Bruising / Swelling
  • Slight bleeding
  • Discomfort     
  • Allergic reaction
  • Weakness of the perioral area

During your consultation, it is important to disclose your full medical history along with current and past medications and any medication allergies. Your full disclosure will allow Dr. Dennis Reiter to make an informed decision regarding your lip augmentation. Not everyone is a candidate for these procedures. 

What is the cost of Lip Augmentation at Visione 360, El Paso, TX?

The cost of our treatments will vary depending on the amount of dermal filler product necessary and/or the cost of Ultherapy.  It is recommended that you set up your Lip Augmentation consultation at our El Paso, TX office to discuss your options.  Be sure to subscribe to our e-mail list and Like Us on Facebook for updated information and promotions.



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